Peter Weber

Le maître des plis

The master of the folds

Peter Weber was born in Kollmar/Elbe (Germany) in 1944. He lives and works near Munich.

For Peter Weber, the final motif is already clear, like an image in his head, even before he makes the first sketch on paper to ensure its feasibility, before it is transferred to the final material.

Through decades of passion Peter Weber experiments, connects modules and develops complex shapes. His folding techniques constantly create new, more sophisticated folds, while always working in one piece and never making any cuts.

In his first exhibition at Radial gallery, you'll see works made from powerful felt, semi-transparent polyethylene HDPE and watercolour paper. There will also be sculptures in bright red lacquered steel, because that too can be shaped by the
‘master of folds’.

Exhibition from June 7th to July 6th 2024

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Vernetzung FBL10 9 links - Folded blue felt - 107 x 107 cm

Vernetzung FBL10 9 links

Folded blue Felt

Dimensions 107 x 107 cm

Horizontale Faltstruktur mit 9 Quadraten

Horizontale Faltstruktur mit 9 Quadraten

Fabriano paper 640g/m2 folded,
acrylic glass frame


39 x 49 x 9 cm

Peter Weber 1 grosses 4 kleine_ Quadrate Folded and Framed HDPE Polyethylene Sheet - 50 x 50 cm

4 x M3

Folded and Framed HDPE Polyethylene Sheet 

50 x 50 cm

9 große Quadrate III Acier inox laqué rouge 97x98cm Exemplaire n°4 / 9

9 große Quadrate III - N°4 / 9

Laquered stainless steel

97 x 98  cm

Opening hours :

From wednesday to saturday 

from 2pm to 6pm

and by appointments

11B Quai Turckheim, 67000 Strasbourg 06 61 14 53 26

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