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Radial the art gallery in Strasbourg since 2010, represents French and international contemporary art artists. 

Our permanent artists are internationally recognized and present in contemporary art museum collections and in public and private collections. 

Frédéric Croizer, the director, has selected strong and visionary artists that he has been following for many years both in terms of their work, their career and developement. 

With Radial gallery, you’ll benefit from personalized advice in your search for a work of art, whether you are an amateur, a collector, an individual or a professional.

Frédéric Croizer is the president of the Strasbourg’s Contemporary Art Galleries association.

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The Brand new exhibition

 Frank Fischer

With his new series “The sun is the target” the artist takes us on a unique artistic journey where light, color, and emotion blend to create an unforgettable visual experience.

Frank Fischer explores the interaction between color and light, venturing into even bolder territory by drawing inspiration from the talented Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, specifically his “SUN” series. This choice is not arbitrary, as Rondinone’s work is renowned for its enchanting power and its ability to capture the ephemeral and intangible.

From October 27th to December 9th 2023

Sun 18. July 1990 (Ugo Rondinone) 150x140cm, 2023
Frank Fischer Sun 18. July 1990 (Ugo Rondinone) 150x140cm, 2023


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