As a gift

Offering a work of art is possible!

For life’s milestones, what could be better than a timeless gift?
A unique, personal gift that cannot be found anywhere else is possible with a work of art.

For your better half, your parents, your children, friends, relatives, everything is possible! In addition, at Radial Gallery, you can benefit from personalized advice to find the perfect gift. And if the choice is difficult, it is also possible to constitute a kitty which can be spent at the gallery.

And the important element to take into account is that offering a work of art is also offering a good that can take value in the future.

You can, alone or with others, offer a work of art to one of your loved ones.

Several solutions are offered to you:

Radial Gallery gift card

At Radial Gallery, it is possible to buy a gift card to offer a work. To do so :

  • go to our online store,
  • select the amount you wish to offer,
  • enter the recipient’s e-mail and your name as well as your message,
  • pay with Radial Gallery, secure payment via a banking system,
  • an e-mail will be sent to the lucky recipient.

You prefer a paper gift card, contact us.

Make a kitty with many people

Nowadays, there are also online kitty systems where you can get together to pool a budget. This kitty can be reserved for the purchase of a work of art in order to have a gift that is out of the ordinary and that will mark the spirits.

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