A means to give you access to art!

We have joined forces with Collectionism to offer collectors, companies and individuals the possibility of acquiring an artwork by leasing.

Art leasing allows you to rent a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, an engraving or any other work of art for a period ranging from 13 to 48 months, defined by a contract. At the end of the leasing contract, the company can become the owner by exercising the purchase option of 2% of the initial value of the work.

The main advantage of this possibility is to be able to write off the entire monthly payments as expenses (rental of furniture). You can thus deduct from your taxable income all the rent paid and control this expense by choosing your duration. It is thus possible to choose to carry out a first rent increased by 30% of the initial value of the work thus making it possible to pass more expenses on the current exercise.

You are a resident in France, or Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, or in Italy

Think about this possibility and contact us: link below for more information.

leasing collectionism



Duration from 13 to 48 months

100% deductible rent

Purchase option of 3% of the financed amount

1st rent up to 30% of the financing


Term from 10 to 60 months

You have a project to acquire a work of art? Please contact us
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