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Art acquisition advice for decorators and architects

Integrating a work of art into the architecture or decoration of a house or building is not always easy.

That’s why Frédéric Croizer, director of the Radial Art Contemporain gallery, is there to advise you in terms of choice of artwork, location, decoration around it, lighting, …

Bodo Korsig Lost in thought
Willer Siber Oeuvre d'art
Salvat artist

Artistic intervention on real estate projects

Art Architecture

Alain Clément:

Currently new project of the city of Agde- France: a media library, artistic creation room and theater with 220 seats on a surface of 3,050 m2 bears the artistic signature of Alain Clément – Cabinet A+ Architecture
Hans Schüle outdoor

Hans Schüle
Installation project of a monumental sculpture for an industrial company headquarters – Germany

Alain Clément

Installation of a monumental sculpture for the new

Sainte-Anne clinic – Avignon – France