Bodo Korsig

His story

Born in 1962 in Zwickau, Germany. He studied sculpture and stone restoration in Berlin – Germany.
Lives and works in Trier – Germany and New York – USA

Bodo Korsig is one of those artists whose work the Radial Gallery has been following forseveral years.
The discerning eye of St’art 2016 visitors will surely have remembered the enigmatic SoloShow called “Hidden Mind” that we dedicated to his sculptures.
Since 1992, Bodo Korsig’s works have been exhibited in more than 100 galleries andmuseums around the world.
Bodo Korsig has won more than 20 international awards and scholarships, including
“Artist Residency Largo das Artes” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4th International Triennial GrandPrix in Prague, Czech Republic, Max Kade Foundation USA.
In addition, his works are in the collections of more than 50 museums, mainly in the UnitedStates and Germany.
national and international, such as: the National Gallery of Art, Washington (USA); Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York (USA); Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan); Museum of Fine Arts, Prague (Czech Republic) and Pfalzgalerie Museum Kaiserslautern (Germany)…
Bodo Korsig

A Non-Linear Linearity

Bodo Korsig has a “visual opinion” on just about everything, yet despite the strength of his convictions, he is a true master of the understated gesture, weighing in equally on the miraculous as well as the mundane.
Bodo Korsig’s mixed media sculptures made from polished chrome steel, wood and colored paper would be considered “objects of desire” by most who encounter them, yet to dismiss them as such would be to do them a profound disservice as each represents a system of complex ideas and possibilities; Many of these sculptures derive from a distinctive, consumerist image, i.e. the baby pacifier, spiky and riddled with holes, thereby defeating its purpose, and the chromed image of a human brain, riddled with its own synaptic potholes, recesses, canyons and valleys.
Life is, after all, nonlinear and Korsig understands that the human brain exists beautifully, and in many cases ecstatically, within this “all-too-pitted” non-linearity, as do many of the objects that fill our daily lives.
 Life as we know it is predicated on ambiguity and the inscrutability of the unknown despite our attempts to control all that we see around us.
Eve Wood

His works in store

If you are interested in a work on in a commission by Bodo Korsig, please call us at +33 661 14 53 26
Bodo Korsig Hapiness is a state of mind
Bodo Korsig Lost in thought
Bodo Korsig Unknown Pleasure

His exhibitions at the gallery

“Intensity of the moment” from april 20 to may 27th  2023

“Winter Show: Winter at Radial Gallery” from December 5, 2019 to January 18, 2020

“Summer exhibition” from June 28 to August 31, 2019

“Rewire your brain” from May 12 to June 22, 2019

“Black and Red: Feed Your Soul” February 10 – March 7, 2018

“METALICA: Metal in turmoil” from June 9 to July 15, 2017

“Spaced memory” from January 22 to February 26, 2017

“Small is beautiful” from December 8, 2016 to January 14, 2017

Bodo Korsig Rewire
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