Carlo Borer

Creation process

Carlo Borer develops his objects in virtual space using CAD. By means of complex method approaches in virtual reality and with the aid of high-tech tools such as lasers, but ultimately owing to his precise crafting by hand, his sculptures and installations come about 

Parallel to this, Carlo Borer also creates his NoReadymades and Spaceships, for which he allows himself to be guided by things he finds, placing these then in a new context.  The objects suggest a purported use, pretending to be utilitarian objects from a technically advanced civilization, but in this way they lead the viewer down the wrong track. Here, the aesthetics and technical perfection thus become a means of deception. What looks as if it were a Readymade is in reality built from imagination, constituting a reversal of the original process.

Since 1981 Carlo Borer has been working as a visual artist with exhibitions in Europe and the USA.  

His works may be found in private collections and in public spaces.

Carlo Borer Artwork
Carlo Borer

Transformers Clouds and Spaceships

Carlo Borer creates objects made of chromium steel or aluminum, which he designs, develops, and constructs on a 3D-CAD system. Rotation and the perfect relationship of tension between dynamism and static equilibrium play an important role in the definition of forms. They are cut with a laser from sheet metal, curved, and welded. The publication brings together Borer’s sculptures, statues, and installations, which he gives titles such as “transformers,” “loops,” or “clouds,” as well as his “spaceships” and “no readymades.” These objects suggest a presumed use and deceive one into thinking that they are utilitarian objects from a technically advanced civilization, mislead in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

His works in store

If you are interested in a work, call us at +33 661 14 53 26

Carlo Borer Radial Gallery

His exhibitions at the gallery

“Hurricanes” from September 12 to October 24, 2020

“RADICAL ABSTRACTION” from July 3 to August 28, 2015

” Carlo Borer” from June 15 to July 12 2014

“Suspicious Beauty” from September 15 to October 12, 2013

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