Mélanie Lachèze-Rey

His story

Born in Lyon – France in 1962 – Lives and work in Stuttgart – Germany

The wooden sculptures from Mélanie Lachièze-Rey are lines in volume, continuous lines that develop in space. With sheets of plywood cut, assembled, glued, nailed, they are elaborated layer by layer to reach their thickness, their movement and finally their static.

The choice of material involves a long and methodical construction process. The form appears slowly and grows in successive layers.

Each sculpture contains a drawing that structures it, and the body of this sculpture, its presence in space, gives the drawing a new visibility.

The layers of plywood give rhythm to the flow and speed of this line in volume, while its internal surface, often lacquered in white, gives it stability.

Against any search for monumentality, each sculpture attempts, in its dimensions and proportions, to qualify the space, to define it as a field of sharing and intimacy.

Mélanie Lachèze-Rey
Mélanie Lachèze-Rey artwork
Mélanie Lachèze-Rey Work of art
Lachèze-Rey Radial
Lachèze-Rey Art Contemporary
Lachèze-Rey Radial Art Contemporain

Her exhibitions at the gallery

“moving” from October 21 to November 28, 2018

If you are interested in a work by Mélanie Lachièze-Rey, please contact us at +33 661 14 53 26

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