Till Augustin

His story

Born near Lake Starnberg in Germany in 1951, Till Augustin lives and works in Nuremberg.

Recognized German sculptor Till Augustin is present in prestigious galleries and numerous collections, including the French Musverre Museum, which has the largest collection of contemporary glass works in Europe.

Till Augustin
Till Augustin Radial

Creation process

The artist uses a multiplicity of successive techniques on each sculpture which makes them by definition unique.

He cuts, incises and shapes his complex blocks,not only using hammers and chisels, but also with pneumatic drills and tools,grinders.


Through his extremely violent creative process, his glass sculptures develop angular, almost aggressive shapes.

Till Augustin uses a technique similar to the production of float glass, glass plates are put together and carved like blocks of stone.

Part of the glass surface treated with iron oxide gives them the appearance of a raw metal sculpture.

Till Augustin Gallery
Till Augustin Artist
Till Augustin Strasbourg
Till Augustin Work of art
Till Augustin Europa
Till Augustin artwork

His exhibitions at the gallery

” Till Augustin – Diet Syler” from October 30 to December 4, 2021

“Small is beautiful” from December 2018 to January 2019

“Heart of glass” from September 9 to October 13, 2018

“METALICA: Metal in turmoil” from June 9 to July 15, 2017

“Small is beautiful” from December 8, 2016 to January 14, 2017

from October 26 to November 27, 2014

ART.FAIR in Cologne from October 31 to November 3, 2013

“The summer group show” from October 13 to November 28, 2012

“After St-art” in December 2011


Reflection Till Augustin

If you are interested in a work by Till Augustin, please contact us at +33 661 14 53 26