Vera Röhm

Her history

Born in Landsberg/Lech in 1943, Vera Röhm grew up in Geneva and Darmstadt. 

Vera Röhm is a member of the Darmstadt Secession. Her works are part of numerous international and museum collections.

She regularly exhibits in Germany, France and abroad, and lives in Darmstadt and Paris.

After studying at Académie Charpentier in Paris for a year, she completed an internship as a stage designer at the Grand-Théatre in Geneva in 1962-63 before concluding her studies at ECAL in Lausanne. In 1967 she visited New York, New Mexico and California for work residencies. 

In 1968 Vera Röhm began making her first sculptures in Paris. In 1972 she created her Binome sculptures using metal and stone in conjunction with Plexiglas. During this time she also constructed her first Tetraeder mit Einschnitten calculated according to halving the angles or the length of the sides in the area of a triangle. 

More recently, Vera Rhöm created her first floating verses, after Paul Éluard, in 2002 for the ARTCANAL as part of the EXPO in Bienne/Neuchâtel and the verses Echo und Narcissus from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” for the Blickachsen 7 festival held in Bad Homburg’s palace and spa gardens in 2009.

In 1997 Vera Röhm was awarded the Wilhelm-Loth-Prize of the City of Darmstadt, followed in 2003 by the Johann-Heinrich-Merck-Honor of the City of Darmstadt. In 2004, Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt acquired the Simon Spierer collection Ein Wald der Skulpturen, which features Vera Röhm with an Ergänzung piece. In 2009-2012 she created the monumental sculpture Licht-Strahl-Eiche. In 2010 she produced Spiegelbaum for the Internationaler Waldkunstpfad permanent woodland exhibition in Darmstadt. In 2011 her drawing Winkel-Ergänzung Beta 75° was acquired for the print collection of Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. In 2015 her Licht-Strahl-Eiche was unveiled, which is now also in the possession of Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. 2018 Erection of the monumental sculpture Rhythmus 800 at the Vasarely Foundation, Aix en Provence, as part of the Cultural Year MP2018 (Marseille-Provence 2018).

Vera Röhm art
Vera Röhm
Vera rohm Artwork

Private and Museums Collections

Aix-en-Provence (F), Fondation Vasarely – Amersfoort (NL). Mondriaanhuis – Baden (CH). Raiffeisen Bank Collection – Basel (CH). Roche Collection – Berlin (D). House of Representatives – Berlin (D). Acadamy of Arts – Berlin (D). Art in the Treptowers, Allianz Insurance – Bremen (D). Study Centre for Artists’ Publications at the Weserburg Museum of Modern Arts – Budapest (H). Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Chur (CH). Sammlung Würth, Forum Würth – Darmstadt (D). Hessisches Landesmuseum, Simon Spierer Collection Ein Wald der Skulpturen – Darmstadt (D). Graphic Collection, Hessisches Landesmuseum – Darmstadt (D). Painting and sculpture 19th to the 21st century, Hessisches Landesmuseum – Darmstadt (D). Institut für Neue Technische Form – Darmstadt (D). Technische Universität Darmstadt – Graz (A). MUWA Museum für Wahrnehmung – Genf/Geneve (CH). M+M Auer Collection – Ilvesheim (D). Heinrich Vetter Collection – Ingolstadt (D). Museum für Konkrete Kunst – Künzelsau (D). Würth Collection, Museum Würth – Lissabon/Lisbon (P). Museu da Cidade – Ludwigshafen (D). Wilhelm-Hack-Museum – Lüdenscheid (D). Museum der Stadt Lüdenscheid – Mainz (D). Van der Koelen Foundation for Art and Science – Mannheim (D). Kunsthalle Mannheim – Mantovano (I). Museo d’arte dell’alto Mantovano – Marl (D). Evonik Collection – Marl (D). Hüls GmbH Collection – Muri (CH). Rehau AG Collection – kunsthaus rehau (D). ikkp Rehau, institut für konstruktive kunst und konkrete poesie – Radom (PL). Mazovia Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst „Elektrownia” – Rehau (D). Rehau Art Collection – Deutsche Bank Collection(D) – Soest (D). Schroth Collection – Teneriffa/Tenerife (E). Cultural Project Mariposa – Umkirch (D). G. Hug Collection – Waldenbuch (D). Museum Ritter, Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection

Vera Röhm Art Contemporary
Vera Röhm Work of art

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